Location & Hours

1580 Hopkins St
Berkeley, CA 94707

  • Mon-Thurs: 11am-9pm
  • Fri-Sat: 11am-9:30pm
  • Sunday: 11am-9pm
  • (510) 526-3127

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    Lunch Menu

    Vegetables | Chicken | Beef | Pork | Lamb | Squid | Prawn | Fish

    All lunch entrees comes with White Rice

    Substitute with Fried Rice, Brown Rice, or Chow Mein: $0.50 extra

    Served From: 11:00am - 3:30pm (Mon-Sat)

    ★宮保豆腐飯Kung Pao Bean Curd6.45
    ★素四季豆飯Sauteed Green Bean6.45
    素什錦飯Vegetable Combination with Garlic6.45
    冬菇菜心飯Black Mushrooms with Tender Greens6.45
    冬菇豆腐飯Black Mushrooms with Bean Curd6.45
    ★家常豆腐飯Home Style Bean Curd6.45
    冬菇唐蘭飯Black Mushrooms with Chinese Broccoli6.45
    ★湖南豆腐飯Hunan Bean Curd6.45
    什菜豆腐飯Bean Curd with Mixed Vegetables6.45
    ★魚香茄子飯Eggplant with Spicy Garlic Sauce6.45
    ★麻婆豆腐Hot Spicy Bean Curd6.45
    冬菇蘆荀飯Black Mushrooms with Asparagus7.95

    ★蒙古雞飯Mongolian Chicken6.95
    ★幹扁四季豆雞飯Green Beans with Chicken6.95
    紅燒茄子雞飯Chicken with Braised Eggplant6.95
    ★幹烹雞飯Crispy Chicken with Spicy Garlic Sauce6.95
    ★宮保雞飯Kung-Pao Chicken6.95
    檸檬雞飯Lemon Chicken6.95
    腰果/杏仁雞飯Cashew or Almond Chicken6.95
    雙菇雞飯Chicken with Fresh & Black Mushrooms6.95
    ★魚香茄子雞飯Chicken & Eggplant with Spicy Garlic Sauce6.95
    ★湖南雞飯Hunan Chicken6.95
    ★魚香雞絲飯Chicken with Spicy Garlic Sauce6.95
    甜酸雞飯Sweet & Sour Chicken6.95
    薑絲雞飯Chicken with Ginger6.95
    豆腐雞飯Chicken with Bean Curd6.95
    ★大蒜雞飯Garlic Chicken6.95
    咖哩雞飯Curry Chicken6.95
    什菜雞飯Chicken with Mixed Vegetables6.95
    ★左宗堂雞飯General Tso's Chicken6.95
    菠菜雞飯Chicken with Spinach6.95
    豆豉雞飯Chicken with Black Beacn Sauce6.95
    滑蛋雞飯Chicken & Scrambled Egg with Oyster Sauce6.95
    蘆筍雞飯Chicken with Asparagus8.25
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    ★蒙古牛飯Mongolian Beef7.25
    ★魚香牛飯Beef with Spicy Garlic Sauce7.25
    西蘭牛飯Beef with Broccoli7.25
    ★宮保牛飯Kung-Pao Beef7.25
    什菜牛飯Beef with Mixed Vegetables7.25
    ★湖南牛飯Hunan Beef7.25
    ★ 魚香茄子牛飯Beef & Eggplant with Spicy Garlic Sauce7.25
    雙菇牛飯Beef with Fresh & Black Mushrooms7.25
    蔥爆牛飯Beef with Scallions7.25
    菜心牛飯 Beef with Tender Greens7.25
    ★幹扁四季豆牛飯Green Beans with Beef7.25
    豆豉牛飯Beef with Black Bean Sauce7.25
    咖哩牛飯Curry Beef7.25
    豆腐牛飯Beef with Bean Curd7.25
    蕃茄牛飯Tomato Beef7.25
    唐蘭牛飯Beef with Chinese Broccoli7.25
    ★川味牛腩牛飯Szechuan Style Braised Beef Stew7.25
    豉椒蘆筍牛飯Asparagus & Beef with Black Bean Sauce8.25
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    ★幹扁四季肉絲飯Green Beans with Pork6.95
    雙菇肉片飯Pork with Fresh & Black Mushrooms6.95
    ★魚香茄子肉片飯Pork and Eggplant with Spicy Garlic Sauce6.95
    ★回鍋肉片飯Twice Cooked Pork6.95
    甜酸肉飯Sweet & Sour Pork6.95
    蔥爆肉片飯Pork with Scallions6.95
    ★魚香肉絲飯Pork with Spicy Garlic Sauce6.95
    豆豉肉片飯Pork with Black Bean Sauce6.95
    唐蘭肉片飯Pork with Chinese Broccoli6.95
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    蔥爆羊肉飯Lamb with Scallions7.95
    ★蒙古羊肉飯Mongolian Lamb7.95
    豆豉羊肉飯Lamb with Black Bean Sauce7.95
    ★湖南羊肉飯Hunan Lamb7.95
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    ★宮保魷魚飯Kung-Pao Squid7.95
    ★魚香魷魚飯Squid with Spicy Garlic Sauce7.95
    ★大蒜魷魚飯Garlic Squid7.95
    什菜魷魚飯Squid with Mixed Vegetables7.95
    豆豉魷魚飯Squid with Black Bean Sauce7.95
    咖哩魷魚飯Curry Squid7.95
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    ★魚香蝦飯Prawns with Spicy Garlic Sauce7.95
    ★幹烹蝦飯Crispy Prawns with Spicy Garlic Sauce7.95
    西蘭蝦飯Prawns with Broccoli7.95
    ★宮保三樣飯Kung-Pao Combo (Prawns/Beef/Chicken)7.95
    ★蒙古三樣飯Mongolian Combo (Prawns/Beef/Chicken)7.95
    ★宮保蝦飯Kung-Pao Prawns7.95
    腰果/杏仁蝦飯Cashew or Almond Prawns7.95
    ★九層塔蝦飯Basil Prawns7.95
    什菜蝦飯Prawns with Mixed Vegetables7.95
    雙菇蝦飯Prawns with Fresh & Black Mushrooms7.95
    豆豉蝦飯Prawns with Black Bean Sauce7.95
    ★四季豆蝦飯Prawns with Green Beans7.95
    ★湖南蝦 飯Hunan Prawns7.95
    ★幹燒蝦飯Hot Spicy Prawns7.95
    豆腐蝦飯Prawns with Bean Curd7.95
    甜酸蝦飯Sweet & Sour Prawns7.95
    滑蛋蝦飯Prawns & Scrambled Egg with Oyster Sauce7.95
    ★大蒜蝦飯Garlic Prawns7.95
    咖哩蝦飯Curry Prawns7.95
    唐蘭蝦飯Prawns with Chinese Broccoli7.95
    豉椒蘆筍蝦飯Prawns with Asparagus Black Bean Sauce8.95
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    ★九層塔魚片飯Basil Fish Filet7.95
    豆豉菜心魚片飯Fish Filet & Tender Greens with Black Bean Sauce7.95
    甜酸魚片飯Fish Filet with Sweet & Sour Sauce7.95
    菜心魚片飯Fish Filet with Tender Greens7.95
    ★湖南魚片飯Hunan Fish Fillet7.95
    ★大蒜魚片飯Garlic Fish Filet7.95
    豆豉魚片飯Fish Filet with Black Bean Sauce7.95
    雙菇魚片飯Fish Filet with Fresh & Black Mushrooms7.95

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