Location & Hours

1580 Hopkins St
Berkeley, CA 94707

  • Mon-Thurs: 11am-9pm
  • Fri-Sat: 11am-9:30pm
  • Sunday: 11am-9pm
  • (510) 526-3127

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    Appetizers & Soup

    炸雲吞Fried Wontons (10)4.95
    素春卷Vegetarian Spring Rolls (4)5.75
    蔥油餅Onion Pancakes (8)6.95
    雞/素沙拉Chicken/Vegetarian Chinese Salad6.95
    炸蟹角Fried Crab Rangoons (8)6.95
    叉燒排骨Honey B.B.Q Pork Ribs (4)7.95
    肉/素鍋貼Pork or Vegetarian Potstickers (8)7.95
    蒸肉/素餃Pork or Vegetarian Steamed Potstickers (8)7.95
    炸雞翅Fried Chicken Wings7.95
    ★棒棒雞Spicy Shredded Chicken7.95
    炸魷魚Fried Squid8.95
    炸蝦Fried Prawns (16)10.95


    ★酸辣湯Hot & Sour Soup5.258.9511.95
    雲吞湯Wonton Soup5.258.9511.95
    窩雲吞湯War Wonton Soup7.7511.9515.95
    西湖牛肉湯West Lake Minced Beef Soup5.958.9512.95
    鍋巴湯Sizzling Rice Soup5.958.9512.95
    蛋花湯Egg Flour Soup5.258.9511.95
    玉米湯Corn Egg Flour Soup5.258.9511.95
    紫菜蛋花湯Seaweed Egg Flour Soup5.258.9511.95
    菠菜豆腐湯Spinach & Bean Curd Soup5.258.9511.95
    榨菜肉絲湯Shredded Pork & Szechuan Pickle Soup5.258.9511.95
    海鮮鍋巴湯Sizzling Rice Soup with Seafood7.9512.9516.95
    三鮮湯Variety Seafood Soup7.9511.9515.95
    海鮮豆腐湯Seafood & Bean Curd Soup7.9512.9516.95